El-MoatِِِِAz for General Supplies

General supplies Services

Our Products and Services includes but not limited to:


Mechanical: spares and services “ Filters, Brakes, Pumps, Hoses, Fittings, Belts, gaskets, Gauges, Tools , Welding machines ..”
Electronic : Connectors, circuit components, soldering/de-soldering tools, Meters, ..
Electrical: Motors, Generators,  Electrical Panels. Panel components, Cables, Measuring devices, ….
Safety and Security: Safety Signs, warning devices, PPE “Safety Boosts, Safety glasses, Coveralls, Hard Hats, Disposable and Chemical Resistant Clothing, Fire protection equipment, ….. “.
Raw Material: Iron, Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, Plastic,…
Hydraulic and Pneumatic: Hoses, Connections, tools, valves, pumps, maintenance kits, ..
Office Supplies: Desks, Tables, Cubicles, Office chairs, File Cabinets, Computers, Laptops, Screens, TVs, Docking stations, Mouse, Keyboards, Boards,…